JazLazh is a luxury cruelty free Siberian Mink Lash line that features 4 diverse 5D styles. JazLazh was inspired by Jazmin’s sisters whom each have such different personalities, yet all loving being Glamorous and Beautiful.

“Lexi” is a super voluminous staggered lash that flares on the end for added height to the end of the eye. You want to wear this lash if you have big round or Almond eyes and love thick winged liner.

“Ally” is our most popular lash, a close replica of the “Lexi” lash that is also staggered, but evenly staggered lash that adds width and definition to your eyes. This is your lash if you have narrow or classically shaped Almond eyes that almost disappear when you smile.

“Jade” is our flirty lash, a cross staggered lash that creates a wispy finish on the ends for a fluffy universal look. This lash is slightly more staggered towards the inner corners of the lash but maintains its fullness throughout the rest of the band. This is your girl if you have eyes that you would like to add more lift to or if you have round eyes.

“Shay” is our newest featured lash that is more toned down for your everyday fun and natural lash. It is staggered with space to allow more of your eyelid to show, yet flares and extends out toward the outer corner of your eye to provide the perfect coffee-in-the-morning pick me up look. This is your lash if you just want to add a tiny touch of pizazz to your look that still makes a beautiful statement.

Each lash is packaged in an ultra durable rose gold compact that clicks closed and features a mirror to blend in seamlessly with all of your pressed makeup powders and highlighters. It’s small enough to fit in your back pocket, clutch purse or your bra so you won’t ever forget it.

Blink Mink With JazLazh! You won’t regret it!