Girl Tough


Cancer has affected everyone one way or another in the most awful way.  In 2017, Jazz’s Aunt, Cara Dean was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Many days, Jazz felt helpless as she watched how Chemotherapy affected her aunt that she affectionately calls “Tee-Tee”.  Although Tee Tee was in an immeasurable amount of physical pain, one of the greatest disappointments to her was her hair loss.  She still today says that Cancer has stolen her beauty.  Chemotherapy not only causes your hair on your scalp to fall out but it also causes your eyebrows, eyelashes and every hair on your body to fall out. Thus, leaving the woman with a huge lack of self-confidence and a feeling of worthlessness. 

#GIRLTOUGH aims to restore that confidence in a woman. We are a non profit organization dedicated to gifting girls and women their “Battle Tresses” to help them to complete treatment and triumph over their battle with Cancer. It has always been a mission of All That Jazz Glam Inc to bring the inner beauty outward when servicing clients. This is carried over to #GIRLTOUGH available completely cost-free to those selected.

If you or someone that you know has been affected by this horrible disease, please send an email to using the subject title #GIRLTOUGH and write a detailed story of your or your loved ones journey. One recipient is chosen per month.

After the recipient is selected, they will be contacted to schedule a consultation to discuss hair goals. Recipients in the Los Angeles region will be able to schedule a monthly recurring appointment where they will receive a FULL in-salon treatment! They will be given a stimulating scalp massage and shampoo, a wig install and a full face of makeup. Out of state recipients will still receive a custom wig with an HD Closure for optimal realism.

The entire process may documented on video and posted onto our social media platforms.

We understand how vital the hair and salon experience is to girls and women and we aim to provide that to each of our recipients.

 Many times “tough” is an adjective used to describe guys, but the girls are too. Not only are we tough, but we’re #GIRLTOUGH.... and we fight like GIRLS!